The Mayor of Pekanbaru Opens the 2021 Cultures Tourism and Business Fair

  2021-02-28 19:36:27
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PEKANBARU – Wed, February 24th, 2021, Mayor of Pekanbaru, Dr. H. Firdaus, S.T, M.T opened the 2021 Cultures Tourism and Business Fair, at SKA Mall Pekanbaru, Wednesday (24/2). Activities take place from 24-28 February 2021.

This is the second activity after it was held last year. There were 37 participants in this activity, starting from BUMN, Pariaman City Government, Fifty Kota Regency Government, Sawahlunto and Pekansikawan Metropolitan Government (Pekanbaru, Kampar, Siak and Pelalawan). In addition, the event was also enlivened by housing developers, SMEs and culinary businesses.

In his speech, the Mayor said that this activity was a collaboration to face the economic crisis.

"Speaking of Pekanbaru, it is not just an administrative area, but the Pekansikawan metropolitan area which is part of the 21 national metropolitan areas. So we must work together, we are the" engine "of Riau's engine to drive the economy. We are also grateful to the West Sumatra Government for synergizing for cooperation in industry. tourism and creative economy, "said the Mayor.

In the problem of the economic crisis during the Covid-19 pandemic, the Mayor said there were two strategies to deal with it. First, the community must remain productive by maintaining disciplined health protocols and second, successful vaccination.

"In 2019 the tourism sector will become the new belle in driving the economy. Tourism encourages Indonesia's creative economy. We must take advantage of this potential. In 2045, Insya Allah Metropolitan Pekansikawan will become the largest economic center on the island of Sumatra," he said.

In the future, said the Mayor, Pekanbaru is ready to collaborate with the West Sumatra Government not only in the tourism sector, but also in the field of food security.

Finally, the Mayor expressed his gratitude to the tourism and creative economy entrepreneurs at Metropolitan Pekansikawan.

"Hopefully his business will grow and develop so that it can help the national economy recover," he hoped. (Kominfo7 / RD1)

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