Synergizing the Tourism Program, Riau Tourism Office Holds a Regional Apparatus Forum

  2021-02-27 17:18:08
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PEKANBARU - Thursday, February 25, 2021,The Riau Tourism Office held the Regional Apparatus Forum in the Tourism Sector.  This activity aims to align programs and priority development activities of local governments in order to optimize the achievement of targets / targets in accordance with the duties, functions and authority of Riau Tourism Office to build the tourism sector in "Bumi Lancang Kuning".

Head of the Riau Tourism Office, Roni Rakhmat, said that holding this forum is expected to unite perceptions in the development of tourism and the creative economy in Riau.  This is in accordance with the mission of the Governor of Riau, namely, "Creating a Malay Culture as an Umbrella for the Nation and Developing Competitive Tourism".

At the meeting, The Head of Riau Tourism Office invited the Tourism Office of 12 Regencies or Cities in Riau to compile a tourism event program.  He said that in organizing tourism events, local governments are expected to be able to minimize the use of APBD funds.  Be it in the province or district or city.

"We are trying to invite Tourism Office of districts or cities to be able to create a concept of tourism events that can be managed by the private sector with a sponsorship system or managed directly by the private sector," said Roni, Thursday (25/2/2021) in Pekanbaru.

"This forum also discusses that we focus on developing one leading destination and superior event so that with APBD funds that tend to be deficit we must be able to innovate and be creative in developing destinations and events today," said Roni.

Furthermore, Roni said, Riau Tourism Office is ready to support the Tourism Office in 12 districts or cities in Riau to make breakthroughs or new innovations in an effort to promote tourism potential in their respective areas.  He also hopes that tourism event activities in the regions will be able to embrace the private sector to become the organizer of the event.

Meanwhile, the Deputy for Destination and Infrastructure Development of the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy through the Area II Destination Development Coordinator, Ramlan Kamarullah explained, for Riau province in 2021 the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy provided support in the form of tourism village development.

The tourism villages that have received support from the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy are Aliantan Village (upstream Rokan Regency), Koto Masjid Village (Kampar Regency), Bungaraya Village (Siak Regency), and Tanjung Punak Village (Bengkalis Regency).

"In addition, there is also support for programs and activities from the Directorate of Regional Destination Development I in 2021, in the form of de-concentration, among others, the workshop for fostering tourism awareness and charm, as well as technical guidance for tourism villages," said Ramlan Kamarullah.

Head of the Advisory and Economic Development Division, Representative of Bank Indonesia Riau Province (BI), Teguh Setiadi, explained that for the tourism sector, BI will assist in promotional programs, especially creative economy products, at both national and international exhibitions participated in by Bank Indonesia.

"Bank Indonesia will also assist access to capital for tourism and creative economy entrepreneurs. In addition, currently the tourism business sector is expected to lead to non-cash transactions such as the Quick Response Indonesian Standard (QRIS) to facilitate payments through electronic money applications in the new normal era," said Teguh.

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