Governor Attends the Launching of Yayasan Pesona Kreasi Riau by Wearing Wife’s Creative Batik, Corona Batik Motifs

  2021-02-22 09:45:30
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PEKANBARU - Friday, February 19th, 2021, The Covid-19 pandemic does not always have a negative impact, but also fosters creativity in life.  This was felt directly by the wife of the Governor of Riau, Misnarni Syamsuar.  In which he made creative motifs, namely the Corona batik motif.

The batik motif was then worn directly by the Governor of Riau Syamsuar while attending and launching the Pesona Kreasi Riau Foundation at the Premiere Hotel Pekanbaru, Friday (19/2/2021).

According to the Governor of the Covid-19 pandemic, the atmosphere of the Covid-19 pandemic has taught people to grow creatively and seek opportunities for economic income, in line with that it can also eliminate the feeling of boredom at home.

"We have to grow creatively during this pandemic, especially housewives, I see that many have independent businesses including ornamental plants which are currently viral, namely perforated widow taro leaves," explained the Governor.

On the stage, the governor looked manly wearing a Corona batik motif which has a black base and then pink as the color of the Corona virus motif.

"By wearing this Corona Batik, we hope that it is enough for us (along with my wife, ed) to be confirmed by Corona, the public should not be exposed," he hoped.

To that end, the governor advised the public to always be disciplined in implementing health protocols, namely wearing masks, washing hands frequently and avoiding crowds.

Meanwhile, the wife of Governor Misnarni Syamsuar revealed that like other mothers in general, she is also looking for something that can be done to get rid of boredom in a pandemic atmosphere because it is recommended that you just stay at home.

"Since Covid-19 we have been making batik, because the pandemic atmosphere has made us have to do something," said Misnarni.

For the time to make it himself, Misnarni admitted that within a month he had succeeded in making various batik motifs including the Corona Batik.  Apart from making batik, Misnarni also does other useful things to calm the mood and of course eliminate boredom.  (MCR / NV)

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