Riau will join in the 36th Indonesian Dance Parade 2017 in TMII Jakarta

  2017-08-12 19:38:35
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Pekanbaru - The Chief of Tourism Department of Riau Province, Fahmizal Usman, on Friday August 8th in his office gave the briefing to the dance, music and make-up arranger chosen as the participants in 36th Dance Parade 2017.

In his briefing, Fahmizal said that Riau would give the best performance and become the champion so that it will make famous Riau not only in Indonesia but also in foreign countries.

“This event is aimed to introduce and promote the art work from various regions in Indonesia, especially the traditional dance in Indonesia. I hope Riau will be the champion of this parade”, Fahmizal said, the man ever occupied as a chief of Public Relation Department of Riau Province.

“Riau has many traditional dances. They will be the new interesting one if they are worked on well and uniquely. Fahmizal explained.

The 36th Indonesian Dance Parade held by Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII) is a collective event of evaluative, appreciative, comparative and competitive event. It is going to held on Friday to Saturday, 18-19 August 2017 in Sasono Langen Budoyo building –TMII.

The substance of this parade is a new dance arrangement without leaving the traditional aspect of the dance never showed in any parade/festival/competition of dance ever.

The event running for three decades, in this year has a theme “The Development/Creativity of Dance in Ethnic Procession based on Society Dance”.

As a motivation of art creativity, this national event has many benefits especially in perpetuating and developing the traditional dance in Indonesia.

Some criteria of this competition are the dance, music and make-up arrangement. Then, the general presentation includes the wholeness of work (unity), the continuity, the harmony, the intensity of region tradition aspect, the suitability to the theme. (cbc).

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