The Government of Indragiri Hilir held event of Menongkah Heritage 2017

  2017-08-12 15:42:49
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Inhil - The Department of Tourism, Youth, Sports and Culture of Indrgiri Hilir (Inhil) Regency represented the event of Menongkah Heritage on Saturday August 12th 2017. This event held in Bidari Beach of  Tanjung Pasir Village, Tanah Merah District, an eco-tourism destination since 2010.

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The theme of this festival was “Perpetuating the Catch-Shell-Activity as the Region Cultural Icon of Indragiri Hilir Regency”. Menongkah Heritage event is an annual event aimed to show the people that Duanu ethnic has a unique culture activity. This culture activity shows that Duanu people have a spiritfull activity in their life. It also enriches the valuable culture of Inhil.

The Chief of Tourism Department of Riau Province, Fahmizal Usman, through his staff the chief of Tourism Marketing Division, Hj. Yulisma, said that Menongkah Heritage Festival shows the attraction of catching shells on the mud; walking on the mud; jumping on the mud; Kajang Boat Phenomenon; and presents the art activity of Duano people.

This festival has been held since 2008. It was also ever recorded by MURI as The Most Quantity of Catching Shells and Bathing Mud Participants in Indonesia,” Hj. Yulisma explained in Bidari Beach of Tanjung Pasir Village on Saturday August 12th 2017.

“I hope this event encourages Riau tourism and shows to people that Duanu people have a valuable cultural activity in their life,” Yulisma said.

The event of Menongkah Heritage was opened directly by the Regent of Inhil Regency, HM. Wardan. It was also attended by Region Leader Communication Forum of Inhil Regency. Moreover, Regent of Inhil gave a machine (Robin) to the placed society and did a spreading of shells on that area. (cbc)

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